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Chen Taijiquan


What is Chen Taijiquan?

Taijiquan(Tai Chi Chuan) is widely known as an ancient health exercise but originally it was created as a means of self defence and was a powerful martial art skill. The original style of Taijiquan is Chen Taijiquan which was created by the Chen family.

The Chen Taijiquan skill covers both external movement and internal training and is characterised by its unique spiral energy used to ‘throw’ an opponent away. To become good at Chen Taijiquan takes practice and must include push hands (Tui Shou) training. However, the benefits you get from the practice make the effort well worthwhile.

History of Chen Taijiquan

In 16th century China there lived a man called Chen Wang Ting whose martial arts skill was such that it is said that he single handedly defeated one thousand bandits. He was of the ninth generation of the Chen Family, from Chenjiagou (Chen Village), Henan Province. After an adventurous life as a warrior, he returned to his village to develop his martial skills. Combining movements from Qi Jigaung’s Long Fist and Daoist breathing techniques he created five forms of Taijiquan (Tai Chi) and Pao Chui (Cannon Fist). He is said to be the creator of the original Taijiquan.
After five generations, Chen Taijiquan was passed to Chen Changxing. He taught Yang Luchan who later went on to create Yang Style Taijiquan. Later this developed into the other styles of Wu, Woo and Sun. Together with Chen, these comprise today’s five major styles of Taijiquan skill.

Grandmaster Chen Xiao Wang & Master Michael Tse

Much of today’s Chen teachings can be attributed to Grandmaster Chen Fake. He was responsible for spreading his family’s skill and his exploits are now legendary. In 1957 Chen Fake died and today the head of the Chen skill is Grandmaster Chen Xiao Wang, the grandson of Chen Fake. Grandmaster Chen Xiao Wang is one of the most famous Taiji masters living today. He began studying his family’s skill when he was just eight years old his Taiji skill and depth of knowledge is truly remarkable.

Grandmaster Chen & Master Tse

Master Michael Tse is a close student of Grandmaster Chen Xiao Wang. Having studied with Grandmaster Chen for many years he has in turn developed a high level of skill, not only in forms but Tui Shou - Pushing Hands.

Over the many years Sifu Moy has spent studying with Master Tse he has developed a deep understanding of this skill. He has also accompanied his teacher to Chen Village, the birth place of Taijiquan, and also spent a great deal of time with his Sigong, Grandmaster Chen.

What will You Learn in Class?

19, 25 Movement Forms

The 19 and 25 movement forms are the beginning foundation forms taught in class. These will help to cover principles found in both the old and new frame forms and help us to learn to move from the waist and Dantian, develop relaxation and right posture.

Laojia - Old FrameOld Frame

In traditional Taijiquan all forms are called Jia. Jia means frame. Lao means old and Xin means new. Today the Taijiquan that most people study comes from the Old Frame. The Old Frame was created by the 14th generation Chen Taijiquan master Chen Changxing. He combined all the original Taijiquan forms into one long form. The Old Frame contains big circling movements which all come from the Dantian.

Xinjia- New Frame

After more than 100 years, the great grandson of Chen Changxing, Grandmaster Chen Fake developed the Old Frame into another high level form which we call Xinjia - New Frame. The movements are based on Laojia but the circular movements are smaller which makes the spiral energy both more obvious and more demanding.

Xin Jia
Tui Shou

Together with a partner, Tui Shou (push hands) helps you train to develop sensitivity. Through Tui Shou you also learn how to apply your spiral energy to overcome and use your opponent’s energy to your advantage. Eventually you learn to defend against strong attacks by using less energy.


Chen Taijiquan has many weapon forms and these include broadsword, straight sword, spear, double swords, double broadsword. Weapon forms are taught in class after you have completed learning the beginning forms and will help you to extend your Taijiquan knowledge and use of energy.


Double Swords In Chen Village




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